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Artist: Kay Johns -Barn Owl original

This Image is also in print, limited edition print run of 295 copies, 10 artist proofs.

FRAMED SIZE: 88cm x67cm

PRICE: £2495.00

MEDIA: Pastel

FRAMED: Matt black frame with pale gold/silver inline and non-reflective glass

Additional info: Original Barn Owl artwork by Kay Johns

This original shows how vibrant pastel can be on a black surface. It's not an easy combination to achieve as the very nature of pastels, bleeds the layers of colours through each other to give a 3D effect. I have created different textures with in this composition by using the pastels in different ways. The softness of the background is classic of how pastels can be used but the lighter feathered areas of the owl demand layering of multiple colours, fixing between each and every one of those layers. Lighter colours on the black background are by far the most difficult to achieve as the background colour always wants to bleed through.  

The highest quality framing has then been undertaken 'in house' using acid free materials, a computerised mount cutter for perfect corners, non-reflective glass for maximum effect of the pastel work, sealed against thunder flies, and finally the perfect frame.

If this original artwork is of interest to you, please do not hesitate for a second to contact me.

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