About us

The Event Gallery Fine Art Ltd

The Event Gallery Fine Art Ltd are based here in rural Lincolnshire, in the quaint village of Threekingham. 

The company directors are David Ball and Kay Johns, along with a small reliable team, together we produce the framed artwork you will find on this website. Kay is of course our main artist, creating beautiful pieces for us all to enjoy. David and the team scan, print and frame these original and limited edition pieces ensuring every piece is produced to the highest standard ready to be packaged and delivered safely to your door.

Kay works on an upper level in the old traditional farmhouse, allowing her to have views of the surrounding countryside. The team can be found in the workshop, an old, now converted stable blocks and cart-shed. Using the latest print technology and framing equipment they produce the limited edition prints.

By producing everything in house, we can ensure the highest standards are always achieved. So from painting the original to the framing of this piece, then printing the limited edition prints (some of which Kay will personally hand-embellish), to packaging and sending an order out, you can be assured that we have personally checked and approved every purchase. We actually bespoke make cardboard boxes, to ensure your purchase arrives safely.

It’s of personal pride, to both Kay and David to ensure that every single piece of art is produced to that same very high standard our customers have come to expect. We have invested in, ‘state-of-the-art’ industry tools and equipment. Training our staff to ensure we all use our craft skills to maintain these same standards.


K a y  J o h n s  artist in residence!

Whether it be a mouse, hare, pheasant, cat, dog or best in show bull, Kay is in her element whilst painting wildlife. Kay is probably the best known livestock artist in the country. Kay is also well known for her hare, equestrian,  canine and British wildlife art, both originals and prints.


Kay was born in Tring in Hertfordshire. During her childhood, she spent many happy hours at the local stables and neighbouring farms, allowing her access to the animals she loved so much.

She studied Art at College in London training in graphic design, which enabled her to enter into the creative world of design and illustration of children’s books.

After meeting her partner David, they set up home together in an old farmhouse in Lincolnshire, surrounded by beautiful countryside, just full of the wildlife she so loves. Kay found this so inspiring that she has lovingly created a fantastic range of wildlife paintings.

Many hours are spent observing the behaviour of different animals; in particular the hares that play in and around the farmland that surrounds Kay’s Art Studio and of course the magnificent livestock specimens that she spends considerable time photographing, in the cattle sheds at the County Shows.

Kay now has two very distinctive art styles:               

The quirky style paintings are created predominantly with gouache. Taking advantage of this versatile medium, Kay can create subtle colour change, or rich, dark solid colour to create dramatic lighting and movement. This gives every featured animal a realism, but with an individual character, and personality.

Her black background images have a photo-realism style but with an artistic twist. These pieces of art are mostly in pastel and with the use of a dark background, creates a dramatic lighting and a wonderful texture. Her focus and inspiration for the majority of these painting is the eye. Kay like many great artists believe the eye is the very essence of the animals’ soul.

Kay’s quest for perfection means all the prints taken from her work are produced ‘in house’ on the best quality paper, using the finest inks, with the finishing touch of exquisite mounts and frames, which means the customer gets exactly what Kay herself aspires to.

She is currently adding to her range of fantastic paintings and most probably sitting at her easel right now.

Finally we really hope you enjoy your purchase, just as much as we enjoy producing it.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions or need assistance