Keeping you entertained

Keeping you entertained

Kay on 31st Mar 2020

Some of you reading this may already visit our Facebook.For a bit of fun and to help relieve the boredom of isolation, on both The Event Gallery Facebook and the Kay Johns Facebook, I have been hiding … read more
Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

16th Mar 2020

Mothers Day is this Sunday!Why not ditch the mainstream flowers and surprise your Mum with a beautiful piece of artwork that will last a lifetime. We've got something for everyone in a range of s … read more

Red lorry, white lorry?

23rd Feb 2020

Thanks to you for your continual support and purchases, we are now in the position to expand our business. We are very excited for the year ahead and would like to share with you, our loyal customers, … read more

Latest Customer Reviews

David Ball on 12th Feb 2020

We recently added a new feature to our website, allowing customers to now write reviews. After looking at lots of other websites, it is obvious that this move can have it's pitfalls, people do ten … read more