A Helping Hand

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Artist: Kay Johns -Hedgehog with baby wildlife

This Image is in print, limited edition print run of 195 copies, 10 artist proofs.



Small - 351mm x 255mm,

Medium - 510mm x 371mm,

Large - 700mm x 509mm,



Small - 510mm x 410mm,

Medium - 665mm x 525mm,

Large - 852mm x 664mm,


A parents love and devotion to its young is always a beautiful subject to paint, heart warming and inspirational.
I spend hours watching and studying animal behaviour wherever I can.
Watching a young animal trying to follow in its parents footsteps, coping with obstacles in its path that it's legs are just too short to deal with ( I totally sympathize) is simply adorable.

The highest quality framing has been undertaken 'in house' using acid free materials, finally the perfect frame.

If you would like to own this original piece of artwork, please do not hesitate for a second to contact me.


Additional info: Hedgehog and young artwork by Kay Johns

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