Berry Merry

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Artist: Kay Johns - Mouse painting

- quirky style

Edition: Ltd edition, 395 copies worldwide


Small - 147mm x 147mm,


Small - 280mm x 280mm


I have always had a soft spot for beautiful little harvest mice. In fact I find them fascinating.

As a child I had many pets, my whole family loved animals of all shapes and sizes. I could sit and watch my pet mice playing with each other for hours. One of my favourite activities was making a house out of a shoe box with windows and doors for them to play in. I would even make curtains out of kitchen roll. I would make them an adventure playground with items for them to climb on and hide in.

My passion for these little creature still feature in my home today. I have collected a variety of ceramic, pewter and wooden mice that I hide in nooks and crannies around my home. 

This little painting shows just how cute the harvest mouse is. With its soft yellow/red fur, big black eyes and those long whiskers, how could anyone resist a heart hugging, heart warming,' Heartfelt' tiny mouse! 


The highest quality framing has then been undertaken 'in house' using acid free materials, finally the perfect frame.

If you would like to own this original piece of artwork, please do not hesitate for a second to contact me


Additional info: Hand embellished artwork by Kay Johns