The Jammie Dodgers

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Artist: Kay Johns Black Labradors - Black background 'The Jammie Dodgers'

Edition: Ltd edition, 295 copies worldwide


All four different sizes (paper version) are shown framed in the pictures above.

This new image has been released as a limited edition print available on either paper or canvas.

PAPER VERSION - Double black mount or double black mount and framed on paper, available in small, medium, large or extra large.


IMAGE SIZE: Paper edition

Small - 351mm x 204mm,

Medium - 510mm x 296mm,

Large - 660mm x 383mm,

X Large - 909mm x 527mm

MOUNTED SIZE: Paper edition

Small - 505mm x 356mm,

Medium - 662mm x 450mm,

Large - 812mm x 535mm, 

X Large - 1060mm x 678mm 


This new Canvas release 'Black Labs' by Kay Johns is limited to the same 295 copies. It is available block mounted or block mounted and framed, either small, medium, Large or extra large.

It has been printed on the finest 380gsm Innova canvas before bonding to a 2.6mm acid free board. Every print is individually  signed and numbered by Kay before varnishing. The protective varnish layer does two things, it means your print does not require glazing, cutting down any reflection issues making your print look close to an original painting. 

Should you choose our framed option, you can be assured we use the finest mouldings from the UK's leading manufacturers, in fact with the use of a slip on the inside of the frame, you have a double framed edge which is simply stunning. Your framed option has been strung and is ready to hang.



IMAGE SIZE: Canvas edition

Small - 351mm x 204mm

Medium -510mm x 296mm

Large - 660mm x 383mm

X Large - 909mm x 527mm 


FRAMED SIZE: Canvas edition

Small - 551mm x 404mm

Medium - 710mm x 496mm

Large - 860mm x 583mm

X Large - 1109mm x 727mm 



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